Monday, 16 February 2009

Step One

Hi all,

Well I've been searching for things to do and to give me a starting point, so I've booked myself on a 'craft creative day' I'm going to learn lots of different crafts including cardmaking, patchwork, 3D decoupage, emobroidery and parchment painting.
This doesn't happen for another few weeks so I'm really looking forward to it and just starting to get a few bits together.
I went to a haberdashery the other day with my very good friend Lucy and had a good look around, there was so much there and at the moment I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all but I do think that after doing a bit of research I'll start to get some good ideas and have more of an idea as to what I'm looking for. I'm thinking of finding bits on scrapbooking as well as the different techniques can be used and adapted to this as well.
I love black and white pictures and simple things I don't really like anything too 'in your face' so this is my starting point and I'm going to develop on this. I also like the idea of using layering techniques so we will see what happens
I promise as soon as I start I will add some pics and keep you updated with my progress.

Please feel free to post any ideas or hints you may have



  1. Hi Sweetpea!

    Brilliant starting point, I love layering...and thats something you can easily play around with...without anything being too permanent! You can collect bits wherever you go, so you always have something to think about! What about the idea of recycling too?? Bits you can keep and re-use in your scrapbooking or whatever!

    Hope your okay and having a nice evening.

    Lucy xx

  2. Hi, popped over from Lucy's blog. I'm not much of a crafter but scrapbooking sounds like a good idea. QVC do scrapbooking items but it's good just to watch for ideas.