Sunday, 22 February 2009

All exciting stuff....

Hi all
Iwent on Ebay the other evening and brought a few bits to start me off. I got some buttons and some bows and a few other bits and pieces to add to the front of some cards. What a bargin they were as well, I am very pleased with my purchases......

I also took a visit to the library on Saturday to find some books to give me some ideas and to see the types of things I can do. OMG the amount of books on card making and scrapbooking were unbelievable, my poor husband, libraries wouldn't be his first choice of places to be on a Saturday afternoon anyway let alone searching for books on card making...I sent him to look at DIY books, to give him some ideas!!!! Here are the books I've hired.

Some of the ideas in these books are amazing.
My next step is to search for some interesting paper and card, I don't really want to stick to the normal plan card as I think it will be more interesting to try different materials.
Once I've got some materials to work with I will try some bits and post them on here.
Even having just started with this, it has made my weekend much more enjoyable, even though I've still done all of my 'normal' weekend things, seeing friends and family I've been able to fill my time at home, plus it saves me having to watch every footie match going!!!
As the title of this post says - All Exciting Stuff.....I'm really beginning to get into it and find out just how many different techniques and ideas there are....I'll keep you all updated.

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  1. You have been a busy bee - your buttons are great - it is amazing how many you can pick up as a job lot. Try to put together an ideas scrap book - I find it helps because I look at so many books and mags I end up with my head spinning and not knowing where to start !! I pick out my faves and photocopy them or rip them out of mags and then sort them into themes before sticking them in the book - saves time wondering where you saw that great idea to try out. I also keep samples of fabrics and have a special section for Christmas. Sounds daft I know but I left it too late last year to start on Christmas goodies and didn't have enough to sell when the time came. Keep busy
    Debbie x