Tuesday, 10 February 2009

first timer....

Hi all

I'm 26 and this is the first time I've done 'blogging' my friend has been badgering me to start as she has a blog and has been given some really handy tips and ideas, so here I go.....
I don't really have a hobby but would like the idea of doing something creative and crafty, my thoughts we to start making cards, the only problem is I'm lacking in ideas.
I haven't really been thinking about this for too long only about 3 weeks so I'm not too sure where to start.
My problem is that I have many ideas of different things but then don't really stick to them so I thought if I could get some ideas and input from other people then it might help me focus!

I would like to be able to do something in the evenings at home after work so being creative to any level would be a good and fun thing to do.

My question is....Do any of you do this and have you got and 'thoughts and ideas' to help me out?

Thank you and I hope this hasn't been too bad as a first time blogger!



  1. Hi Emma!

    I'm glad I finally got you into the blogging world!!! Your going to love it, learn loads and meet lot's of nice people!!

    I think cards are a brilliant idea, and will open lots of other things to you like collecting bits and bobs etc. One of my favorite bloggers is 'Cowboys and Custurd' she does great vintage style cards. She's on my favorite list if you want to take a look!

    Hope you enjoy blogging,

    Lucy xx

  2. hiya
    thanks for commenting on my blog
    to be honest i just make up my cards as i go along always have done but i have found programs like qvc craft on a tuesday 2-4pm have been really useful when i was first starting out as you get ideas of new techniques etc
    also the docrafts forum site is really helpful so join that have a chat and get most of your questions answered
    i will keep popping by if you have any specific questions just leave me a message on my blog and i'll catch up with you
    just be prepard to become completely additcted to all this and never have any money left there is so much scrummy stuff about and you just have to have it all lol
    catch you again soon

  3. Hi to a fellow virgin blogger !!! Good luck with your course - I have always wanted to tackle a re-upholstery course as I love old furniture (coz I am a crusty old relic myself) and as a master of poking around dusty auction houses and car boots I know it is relatively easy to pick up old bits to practice on. However there doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day at the mo - I am a registered childminder and my first children arrive at 8 am and the last one doesn't go until 6 pm. Never mind, one day my time will come. I stumbled across this blogging lark thru reading an article about the Vintage Handmade Fair - I never knew such a world existed and it is great to see what everyone else is doing and thinking.
    Good luck once more